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Virtual Visit

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Comprehensive Pediatric Care

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Virtual Visit (scroll to see below)

Virtual visit or televisit means you can talk to your doctor or provider from the comfort of your home. Many rashes, upper respiratory infections, stomach flu, constipation issues, ADHD can be diagnosed and treated via video visits.

See below for the televisit/virtual visit process.

1. First our staff will email or text you a link for a video visit with your doctor.
2. At the time of the appointment, you will click on that link and enable your phone's camera and microphone.
3. The doctor will join this call via video camera as well.
4. During this visit, you can review all your concerns about your child.
5. After this portion of the visit, the provider will determine whether your child needs an in-person examination and further testing. They will instruct you to come in at a specific time on the same day for further examination and/or testing.
6. In many situations, the doctor is able to make a diagnosis and treatment plan from the video visit itself. Prescriptions can be electronically sent to your pharmacy.
We want to make it easy for your family to get the care that you need.