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Well-child visits are the cornerstone of health and wellness. They provide a time to determine whether a child is at risk for a health problem, then take steps to prevent it from happening. Dr. Meenu Jindal at the Comprehensive Pediatric Care clinic values the time spent with children and their parents during a well-child visit. If it’s time for your child’s annual well-child visit, please contact the office or book an appointment online at one of their offices in Dallas, Sunnyvale, and Mesquite, Texas.

Well Child Visit Q & A

How do well-child visits promote health?

Well-child visits focus on preventive health care, including the usual workup (height, weight, and physical examination). But Dr. Jindal also evaluates your child’s growth and development; determines whether your child has nutritional shortfalls; and addresses potential social, emotional, and behavioral challenges.

Well-child visits include immunizations and hearing and vision tests when needed. Dr. Jindal also screens for developmental disorders like autism and ADHD. She may order blood tests for cholesterol, glucose, or other health markers, depending on whether the results of the examination raise health concerns.

The well-child visit also provides time for parents to ask questions. Whether you’re not sure about a safety issue or you’re worried that potty training isn’t proceeding as it should, this is the time to get advice from Dr. Jindal.

How often do children need well-child visits?

Children receive more frequent well-child visits early in life. Newborns see the doctor during their first week, then get six more examinations to check their growth and health over their first year of life.

Well-child visits are scheduled at 15 months, 18 months, 24 months, and 30 months. Beginning at age three, children should come in for a well-child visit every year until they reach the age of 21.

How can parents make it easier for children who are anxious about doctor visits?

The well-child visit is the perfect time to work together with Dr. Jindal to help your child overcome fears about seeing the doctor. She understands that some kids are shy or anxious, while others have sensory issues or developmental disorders that make it hard to tolerate crowded and noisy waiting rooms or the touch of instruments during an examination.  

Contact the doctor before your appointment to talk about your child’s challenges. Suggest ideas for making the well-child visit more comfortable and less stressful. Let the doctor know specific steps that calm your child; for example, some children find it easier to relax when each step of the exam is explained before it happens.

You’re also welcome to schedule a tour of the office. When children have the opportunity to see the waiting room and exam room, and to meet the doctor and staff, they often feel less anxious about their next well-child visit.